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For comunication and information please call the following number:  0815833601

The CRTM is located in via Nuovo Macello, in Portici, in the Granatello port area, just beyond ENEA Institute.

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Schools Special

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At least 15 visitors required

Are you a school? Don't miss the special conditions reserved to you. At the Turtle Point (Portici) and Gulf of Naples Observatory, you will enter a unique facility, where there are animals in care and where the sea is studied.


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reserved for disabled people
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reserved to a teacher for every 15 paying students and to a family member of disabled person or to another companion who demonstrates his / her membership in social-health assistance services as per Ministerial Decree 14 April 2016 n.111, art. single, paragraph 2, d) of updating to DM 507/1997
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