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For comunication and information please call the following number:  0815833601

The CRTM is located in via Nuovo Macello, in Portici, in the Granatello port area, just beyond ENEA Institute.

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Are you a group? Don't miss this special price reserved to you. At the Turtle Point (Portici) and Gulf of Naples Observatory, you will enter a unique facility, where there are animals in care and where the sea is studied.

Turtle Point

At the Turtle Point and Observatory of the Gulf of Naples you will enter a unique structure, where there are animals in care and where you study the sea to provide details on its composition and its health.

The visit will start from the six thematic aquariums set up in the entrance hall, surmounted by real-sized models of the great marine vertebrates, where our guides will explain to you carefully six of the eleven descriptors developed by the European Directive for the evaluation of good environmental status.

You will then learn what is meant by maintained biodiversity, what are the non-indigenous species, what are the fish populations exploited for commercial purposes, the meaning of eutrophication of human origin, the integrity of the seabed, how the waste causes damage to the environment coastal and marine.

Soon after, more aware of what is underwater, you will have a privileged access to the encounter with the sea turtles being treated in our Recovery Center.

It will be an extraordinary and exciting experience, in direct contact with an ancient animal that we consider our sentinel and ambassador.

You will leave the turtles to swim in the rehabilitation tanks to continue browsing the large touch screen of the multimedia room, looking for our old "patients" returned to the sea and equipped with a satellite GPS to track their movements.

Come and visit us, your visit will support our work in the service of Nature. Because there is no Culture if Nature is not known!



Duration: 1 hour
Biglietti acquistabili: from 15 to 20 (in base alla disponibilità)
 Includes guided tour in:
Italiano Italiano (Minimum visitors: 15)
hour: Saturday and Sunday 9:00 - 14:00 (last admission 13:00)
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How to reach the property

Turtle Point

Via nuovo macello, 16 - 80055 Portici (NA)

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Portici - Ercolano (Trenitalia)
600 m
Portici Via Libertà (Circumvesuviana)
2,1 km
Portici Bellavista (Circumvesuviana)
3,0 km

The opening hours of the structure

09:00 - 14:00  |  from Tuesday to Sunday

Online ticket office contacts


Structure contacts

+39 081 5833601 (saturday and sunday, 9:00 - 14:00) +39 081 5833441 (monday - friday, 9:00 - 16:00)